She walked into my pawnshop
Another city girl moved north to be alone
In her hand she held a ring
A broken promise in a band of gold
And the cold on her skin
Not as cold as the love she left at home

He gave up her love for money
He gave in to the selfishness and greed
He forgot how much he loved her
How she’s everything he’s ever gonna need
Now she’s alone in my pawnshop
Holding out his ring to me

She can’t pawn a memory
She can’t give away the pain
How can the hurt still find her?
When she’s gone so far away

He walked into my pawnshop
Her name and a picture in his hand
He said sir I’d love to find her
Won’t you help me if you can
The things I didn’t know then
But now I understand

You can’t a pawn a memory
You can’t give away the pain
How the hurt still find me?
When she’s gone so far way

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