Last Letter Home

Mother, dear mother
It’s your oldest son
Head down on the front line
With my canteen and gun
My socks have gone rotten
My bread is all mold
It’s been a long winter
So barren and cold

Sisters, dear sisters
So young and so fair
Keep close our mother
And show much care
Listen to brother
He’s young, but a man
He’ll be there to guide you
When I no longer can

Brother, dear brother
It’s all on you now
Take care of the family
And keep the fields plowed
I pray every day
To be by your side
But my road is so clear now
This is my last fight

Father, our father
My life’s in your hands
Give strength to my family
They will need all they can
My one last request
As I kneel at your thrown
Be sure that they read this
My last letter home

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